Regional efficiency in the tourism industry based on global development indicators using data envelopment analysis

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Industrial Management, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


The concept of efficiency in economic literature is the highest output with a certain amount of input and vice versa. Today, in order to measure the degree of efficiency, two categories of methods are used, which are parametric methods and non-parametric methods. In this paper, considering the non-parametric methods which are based on mathematical planning methods, the efficiency of Iran's tourism industry is evaluated in comparison with other countries in the region. It is worth mentioning that the main advantage of data envelopment analysis method over other existing methods for measuring performance is that it can be used to evaluate the performance of units that have multiple inputs and non-convertible multiple outputs.
In the present article, according to the inputs and outputs of the tourism industry in each of the countries in the region in 2018, their efficiency has been evaluated with the two assumptions of return to fixed scale and return to variable scale.