The Presentation of an Approach of Evaluation and Ranking in Data Envelopment Analysis with Interval Data: a Case Study in the Evaluation and Ranking of Iran’s Provinces in the Health and Treatment Sector

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of mathematics, Khorramabad branch, Islamic Azad university, Khorramabad, Iran

2 Departeman of mathematics,Khorramabad branch,Islamic Azad university Khorramabad , Iran


Today, in every society the health and treatment sector are among the most important service sectors. Therefore, it is crucial that their performance be evaluated and examined. Although the researchers have proposed many different approaches to evaluate and rank the health sectors, no precise approach for evaluating and ranking have been reported up to now. Assessing the coefficient of variation in data envelopment analysis has been extensively used as an instrument to measure the performance of decision making units and to rank them accordingly. In this study, therefore, the existing approaches were modified and two approaches were developed for interval DEA ranking based on the coefficients of variation with Interval data. These two models having none of the problems of other models, were developed to better comprehend the performance of health and treatment sectors in Iran in 2017. Conducting this study had such positive consequences as the creation of a healthy competitive atmosphere among all the medical universities to improve their performance. Another consequence might be the fact that conducting this study helped the health and treatment sectors in medical universities to be improved.