Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2013, Pages 1-54 
1. A Non-radial rough DEA model

Pages 1-6

G. Tohidi; P. Valizadeh

3. Basic ratio-based DEA models

Pages 15-23

M.R. Mozaffari; J. Gerami

4. Performance evaluation of SCM using DEA: A review

Pages 25-32

M. Sanei; S. Mamizadeh-Chatghayeh

5. Supplier Selection Using a DEA-TOPSIS Method

Pages 33-42

F. Ghaemi-Nasab; S. Mamizadeh-Chatghayeh

6. Assessment of Industrial Cluster with Value-Chain DEA model

Pages 43-48

I. Mansouri; S. Mamizadeh-Chatghayeh; V. Abbasi; P. Barahimi; A. R. Tahmouresi